(Death)watch the skies!

​A Dropship full of new Deathwatch images have been leaked online overnight/this morning including miniatures expected to be part of GW’s Death Masque box and what looks like a new Deathwatch flying transport.

Via L’Astropate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LAstropateNewsERumorsDiWarhammer40000/photos/pcb.761591777316536/761590857316628/?type=3&theater

Just look at this glorious bastard!

The level of detail on that armour is breath-taking, the things GW are doing in plastic these days could draw a tear from a bionic eye.  That looks suspiciously like a Rogue Trader era Nemesis Force weapon he’s leaning up on, somewhere there’s a Custodes unarmed and looking sheepish.

We also have photos of what is most probably a new Deathwatch dedicated transport. It obviosly share a lineage with other Imperial flyers, I’m also pretty sure that one of it’s parents was a Dropship on the Sulacco.

Finally we have some tempting photos of new sprues. The first shows what I expect to be the Deathwatch Veteran frame. We can see legs and arms as well as a couple of accessories and weapons including a detailed Bulwark, a meaty looking mace, a combat shotgun which I’m a little unsure of, and what looks suspiciously like a heavy bolter/flamer combi-weapon which just wins. Everything. It wins… We’re done.

BUT WAIT! We’re not quite done. 

Shoulder pads with second-founding chapter icons including Minotaurs and Black Templars. Wooo!

Who knows what else we can expect in GW’s new box of delights but based on what has been leaked so far tomorrow morning’s pre-orders can’t come soon enough.

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Episode 3: Slight Return

We’re back!

We prattle on for an hour about what we’ve missed since we last recorded, and just have a chat a bout the state of wargames in general.
This week’s featured topics:

  • Codex: Deathwatch
  • The state of Chaos
  • How much we love Age of Sigmar
  • Dreadball V2
  • Horus Heresy
  • GW’s boxed games
  • An in depth analysis of the issues affecting the middle east

(One of these may not be true)

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The sons of Sanguinius ain’t as limber as they used to be…

Morning Cats and Kittens, Ralph here for what may be a little Saturday morning rant, and a look at Games Workshop’s continuation of the Blood Angels roll out.


GW’s next wave of Blood Angel minis hit the stores and internet for pre-order last night, a box of five space-vampire flavoured Terminators and a clam-pack Termie Librarian to wield those exciting new BA psychic powers on the battlefield.  Accompanying these minis the final part of the Shield of Baal campaign, Extermainatus is available to pre-order in three different formats (Book, eBook and Interactive fancy-dan iBook).

“That’s not very ranty,” I hear you all cry, “that’s just a thinly veiled advert for a bunch of new GW bits and bats! What are you on the pay-roll?”

Easy friends I’m getting to the ranty bits, this is just giving you a little context you must understand like the Jedi you must learn to be patient.

So where to start?

We covered in the podcast that GW’s pricing of independent characters is verging on ridiculous and the new Terminator Librarian is no exception a whopping £18 for a miniature with no options, oh wait, one option you can arm him with a combi-melta or if you prefer you can give him an open hand for a Supremes-esque casting pose.  Don’t get me wrong somewhere knocking around I’ve got one the old (mid 90’s) Terminator Librarians and the new sculpt is worlds better, and the old one wasn’t replete with options.


(For the record I don’t know why my phone’s camera puts a pink aura around everything, I blame HTC)

BUT (and this is a big but, hence the capital letters.)  That old, venerable, psychic gentleman is made from white metal and he cost me £4 or £5.  Everything is of course relative and I know things cost more than they once did, that’s fine, seriously that’s okay it’s not necessarily the cost that’s the problem but the lack of options, Plastic is an incredibly versatile substance and GW are showing time and again on their rank and file troops that they manufacture some of the best plastic miniatures in the world with some great wargear options on the sprues.  So why does that not spread to the character models?  We don’t want the world GW, but it’d maybe be nice to field a Librarian carrying a Force-sword maybe, or a staff of some kind, maybe we want to field a librarian with a force-axe after-all, but what we really want is the choice to field what we want.  It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, certainly not at this price-level.

Moving on, Blangel Assault Terminators.  Oh dear.  GW, why, why do you hate me?

Proudly extolling it contains 76 pieces (Wolf Guard: 100, Deathwing: 102, Grey Knights a quite frankly immense: 153).  Why the dearth of pieces in the BA box?  Why that’s because the legs torso and heads are now two pieces, legs and back torso, heads and front torso.  Thankfully GW still trusts us to put our own arms on without making a hash of things, and the box does come with options for Thunder-hammer and Storm-shield or pair of Lightning Claws for each mini.  Additionally the box also comes with the option of a Standard bearer with a pretty looking standard, a few prettification bits to make the minis stand out from the boggo Space Marine Assault Terminators, a teleport homing beacon and a couple of officer’s head options, but no officer’s weapon choices, not a power-sausage (I totally did an image search for power-sausage, the results were “surprising,”).

The lack of pose-ability and the paucity of bits would be easier to accept if it wasn’t for the whakiness of GW’s apparently arbitrary pricing strategy.  This lack of options comes at a higher price point that almost every other Terminator box.  The new Blood Angel box retails at £35.  Looking at all the other Terminator boxes GW sells, Space Wolves, £28, Grey Knights £28, Vanilla Assault £28, Vanilla vanilla £28, Chaos £28.  The Dark Angel box retails at £35 but includes options to be used as knights, a command squad or as ordinary Deathwing.  Poor unfortunate Blood Angel players are expected to fork an additional £7 for the prestige of purchasing a box with less options than almost every other Terminator box across the range.  How can GW justify charging more for less, or can we expect another price-hike across the range in the new year to bring all the other sets up to this price point?

Last thing for the day,

AND FINALLY (Pause for dramatic effect) looking at the write up for Exterminatus it looks like one of GW’s most loathed pieces of fluff is back!  Imma jus’ gonna leave this here to the sounds of wailing and much gnashing of teeth…

Fist bump 2

I think that about wraps it up for the morning’s rant, I’m off to watch Christmas movies and paint some Punk Zombies, lets see if I can make as big a pig’s ear of them as I did with Nicodem.

Catch you later,


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Episode 2: Things with Pigs

Podcast LogoWe did it! We finally managed to get together and record a second episode. This time we witter on for about an hour and forty five minutes. Think of it as an endurance podcast.

This time around we talk about Smaug, the new Blood Angels releases, the End Times, Mantic’s open day, Deadzone scenery, losing our minds trying to assemble Malifaux models, Infinity, Terminators and some other stuff. Also, I promised to link to this:

Santa Grimnar


Our intro music is Winner Winner by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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A Hearty Hello.

Hi guys,

Ralph here, things are a little quiet here at Small Mans HQ so I thought I’d take a little time to say Hi and to upload some photos of the armies/ teams I play in various games.  I warn you all in advance I’m no Golden Demon winner, nor do I try to be.  I paint to the best of my abilities and pretty much for the pleasure of it.  I’m a pretty crappy photographer too, and I took all of these photos using the camera on my phone (HTC One) it’s not a great camera.

My first taste of Wargaming was playing Warhammer 40k and the first army I played way back when I was a young(ish) lad was the Space Wolves.  I still love the Space Wolves and Space Marines of any chapter aren’t a bad starting point in the hobby, they’re easier to play tactically than some other armies, due to their high points cost in game the player needs less models on the table thus a cheaper army to assemble, and they’re relatively easy to paint due to plenty of wide flat surfaces on their power-armour.

After playing plenty of GW’s finest hour Gorkamorka toward the end of Second edition I became thoroughly enamored of the Orks and their ways, also while their ideology was still very much the comic relief of the 40k universe with the introduction of third edition Orks received a make-over which still pretty much defines their look today.


This is pretty much when I stopped playing with named characters and started naming my own force-commanders, In the photo above we have the first iteration of The Mighty, Mighty Nodrog Eht Rehpog Blackjaw (named after a Ska band, A hand-puppet and generic Ork name X).  Also in the photo you can see Nodrog’s personal banna wavva Slygit the Sneaky my tribute to Makari who was sadly taken from us when Ghazghkull Thraka recieved his EXTREME(!!!) make-over in third edition.

And so time moved on and I drifted out of the hobby for some time dipping in again at various intervals when new Chaos and new Space Wolf miniatures were released, but most of these kits remained unassembled under my bed at my parents.

A couple of years ago while moving things from my parents to my marital home I found a wealth, a plethora of unconstructed Space Wolves and Chaos Space Marine under the bed and they gave me ideas, dark ideas involving once loyal Wolf-brothers fallen to the dark, ruinous forces of Chaos. THUS… The Dire Wolves were born, using his ultra-evil powers, Lord Stark has dedicated his un-life to fighting Eldar and the forces of the Imperium!

2014-10-01 17.33.232014-10-01 17.36.42-1IMAG0732

I don’t always (read: hardly ever) win games, but to be honest I don’t really play 40k to win, I play the game because I love the world and I’m completely invested in that world.

More recently along with Neil we’ve been using our games nights to play some other games, and it’s been fun to dedicate some of my painting time to painting something other than grey space Marines (Though I still have plenty of grey Space Marines to finish painting).

Among these other games I’ve really enjoyed painting and playing with my Marauders Dreadball team, it was fun to paint green-skins again for a while.


Finally, more recently we’ve been playing Privateer Press’s Warmachine.  Again a fun new painting challenge and I think I’ve done some pretty good work on the red Warjacks and Shocktroops of my Khador Army.


And that about brings me to where we are now, what have I got on the painting table at the moment?  I’ve got pretty good momentum going on my Khador minis finishing everything that’s red, so I’ve got my Widowmaker squad, a whole Winterguard attachment plus UA, Rocket-launchers and Kovnik Joe begging for my attention, a Kodiak Warjack plus a handful or so of solos, I’ve got a couple of handfuls of Chaos Cultists which need painting for my 40k army and I’ve got a big heap of High Elves which I’m probably going to go back to soon as the Warhammer universe looks likely to be a big deal in the near future.

Anyway, thanks for indulging my waffley stroll down my wargaming memory lane.  No doubt I’ll catch you all next time space-cowboys.

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Take These Broken Wings…

More New Dark Eldar models incoming next week from GW.

Deldar FlierSee above leaked images of the front covers of next week’s White Dwarf and Warhammer visions bearing shiny pictures of the DE’s new, flying, hotness the Voidraven Bomber.

Soon the DE will be able to unleash screaming, BDSM-flavoured death-from-above upon their foes offering air support to the new Wrack and Haemonculus minis which were made available for pre-order last week.

It kinda looks a bit like an Eldar Wraith fighter if it was redesigned by Batman, mid-90’s Jean-Paul Valley Batman. It’s all a bit power-metal.

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New Relics Models

Sheffield’s own Tor Gaming keep releasing rather lovely images for their frankly beautiful looking game Relics.

Not content with having puppets, naked orc monsters, horrific half machine dudes and faeries, it looks like the next new faction are going to be the Ridend: small goblins, which Tor are not ashamed to say are more than a little inspired by the Labyrinth goblins. YUSSSSSSS. I mean, come on. How can you not be charmed by these little dudes?


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