(Death)watch the skies!

​A Dropship full of new Deathwatch images have been leaked online overnight/this morning including miniatures expected to be part of GW’s Death Masque box and what looks like a new Deathwatch flying transport.

Via L’Astropate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LAstropateNewsERumorsDiWarhammer40000/photos/pcb.761591777316536/761590857316628/?type=3&theater

Just look at this glorious bastard!

The level of detail on that armour is breath-taking, the things GW are doing in plastic these days could draw a tear from a bionic eye.  That looks suspiciously like a Rogue Trader era Nemesis Force weapon he’s leaning up on, somewhere there’s a Custodes unarmed and looking sheepish.

We also have photos of what is most probably a new Deathwatch dedicated transport. It obviosly share a lineage with other Imperial flyers, I’m also pretty sure that one of it’s parents was a Dropship on the Sulacco.

Finally we have some tempting photos of new sprues. The first shows what I expect to be the Deathwatch Veteran frame. We can see legs and arms as well as a couple of accessories and weapons including a detailed Bulwark, a meaty looking mace, a combat shotgun which I’m a little unsure of, and what looks suspiciously like a heavy bolter/flamer combi-weapon which just wins. Everything. It wins… We’re done.

BUT WAIT! We’re not quite done. 

Shoulder pads with second-founding chapter icons including Minotaurs and Black Templars. Wooo!

Who knows what else we can expect in GW’s new box of delights but based on what has been leaked so far tomorrow morning’s pre-orders can’t come soon enough.

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