In the grim, darkness of the 21st Century two man stand on the periphery of the greatest battles of out time.  Two men who face each other across battle-ravaged waste-lands as the powers of good, evil and all that falls between battle for the very souls of mankind (or elf-kind, or y’know what ever…)  Two men who come together at least once a week, assemble arrmies of Small Mans and then take it in turns to dice each other to death as battle plays out across a 6′ by 4′ table.  Two men who decided to turn their hobby in to an obsession.  Two men who have created “The Small Mans wot Fight cast”

Hello and Welcome, the Small Mans wot Fight Cast is a bi-weekly podcast where our hosts Neil and Ralph kick back and take a lighthearted look at what is happening in the worlds of miniature wargames, RPG’s, boardgames and pretty much anything else that crosses their minds while recording.  Between us we have been playing table-top games for nearly forty years, from the humble Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books, up to the massive scale of Warhammer 40k: Apocalypse.  In the podcast we want to talk about the big games such as Games Workshop, Privateer Press and Wizards of the Coast publish, but we also hope to dedicate time to some of the less well known up and coming games and publishers such as Hawk Wargames’ Dropzone CommanderCorvus Belli’s Infinity and all of the good stuff coming out of Mantic Games.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, we’re both new to the world of pod-casting, and no-doubt the first few episodes are going to sound a little rough as we get settled in to a groove.  Feel free to contact us with comments, reviews and constructive criticism or just y’know to call us noobs and tell us we suck, frankly we’re just glad of the attention.

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