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(Death)watch the skies!

​A Dropship full of new Deathwatch images have been leaked online overnight/this morning including miniatures expected to be part of GW’s Death Masque box and what looks like a new Deathwatch flying transport. Via L’Astropate on Facebook: Just look at … Continue reading

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The sons of Sanguinius ain’t as limber as they used to be…

Morning Cats and Kittens, Ralph here for what may be a little Saturday morning rant, and a look at Games Workshop’s continuation of the Blood Angels roll out. GW’s next wave of Blood Angel minis hit the stores and internet for … Continue reading

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A Hearty Hello.

Hi guys, Ralph here, things are a little quiet here at Small Mans HQ so I thought I’d take a little time to say Hi and to upload some photos of the armies/ teams I play in various games.  I … Continue reading

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Take These Broken Wings…

More New Dark Eldar models incoming next week from GW. See above leaked images of the front covers of next week’s White Dwarf and Warhammer visions bearing shiny pictures of the DE’s new, flying, hotness the Voidraven Bomber. Soon the DE … Continue reading

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