Dark Eldar Pre-Orders

HaemonculusLooks like GW are going the Orks route again with the new Dark Eldar releases. This weekend there are new Wracks who look pretty formidable and a new plastic clam pack Haemonculus who looks a lot like Mortiis, if you remember that guy. No sign of the codex yet though, so you won’t know if the Wracks are worth using in game for a couple of weeks.

There’s also a bundle deal with four sets of Wracks, the new Haemonculus, a Talos kit, and two Ravagers for £176.50. By my maths that saves you £17 over buying things separately. It’s hardly Stormclaw, but it’s better than the old 1-click ‘deals’, right?

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Cyntopia: Cyberpunk Quest-like?

Batou?Cyntopia is a game we’ve been hearing a little about for a while now. Although details on how the game actually plays are sparse, it does say it’s for 1 to 7 players and they mention the option to play with or without a games master in their latest post.

I’m excited for the idea of a cyberpunk (and hex based! YAY!) Quest or skirmish game. Needs moat trench coats though.

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Episode 1: Nagash’s Game of Thrones Addiction

Podcast LogoHi there!

Welcome to the Small Mans Wot Fight podcast. This here’s our first attempt at making a podcast, and we’re minimally qualified, terribly accented and ill informed, so we’re ready to go!

This episode we talk about new (ish) things on the horizon such as the new Nagash book, DzC’s new expansion, Operation: Icestorm, what Mantic are up to and some prattling on about starting a new gaming system.


Our intro music is Winner Winner by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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